Conduct thematic gourmet dishes for Christmas

Christmas gourmet dishes

We offer sample recipes from gourmet dishes to impress your guests!

A tasty dish consists of various flavors, colors and shapes around a specific theme. There is usually at least one jar on the 4 or 5 different recipes, and the ideal is to have recipes that take more space on the plate. The purpose of the gourmet plate: impress your guests with an abundance that provides the base so he can have a choice at the tasting! Feel free to create, allow your imagination to imagine a thousand and one other!

smoked salmon plate

Gourmet plate of smoked salmon

As a starter to your Christmas dinner, we suggest you make a thematic basis "smoked salmon" composed of four recipes sofas, glasses and toast made from smoked salmon.
Foie gras plate

Gourmet plate of foie gras and gingerbread

Our idea: a plate of foie gras on a bed of frisée salad, fig skewers, onion confit and fingers of gingerbread.
gourmet dish of Christmas desserts

Gourmet plate of desserts for Christmas

We suggest you carry a plate of desserts made with different flavors, colors and shapes to delight the eyes and taste buds!

Go further in dishes preparation

glass cup prepared for Christmas

Create sweet and salty glasses for Christma

Get recipes for Christmas glasses to serve as an appetizer or a starter, and impress your guests! Small glass or full glass, it is important to combine the flavors and colors ...