Countdown to Christmas 2024: 155 days !

Christmas, the simple word "Christmas" makes us dream ... This period is always a pleasure for young and old people with its illuminations, its colors, decorations ... That's why this website offers ideas for making Christmas preparation a moment of pure happiness ... and create the Christmas of your dreams!

Explore our easy to make crafts, receips following Christmas spirit, tips to increase festive and magical atmosphere of Christmas ! Suggestions for decorations and decorating ideas ... Bring a touch of gaiety and festivity throughout your home with the table decoration, fir decoration, some windows decorations... ! Ideas for ponctual or regular inventive people, Christmas Crafts, DIY Christmas decoration with the help of our achieving step guides, aiming you to be happy of the result !

Last added Christmas articles

gourmet dishes

Realize thematic gourmet dishes!

To impress your guess, realize our thematic gourmet dishes associating colors and forms! Find some examples detailed in this section

glass cup prepared for Christmas

Create sweet and salty glass cups for Christmas

Discover glass cups receipts for Christmas to serve as an appetizer or a starter, and impress your guests! Small glass or full glass, the important thing is to combine the flavors and colors ...

Center table illuminated with snow and balls

Center table illuminated with snow and balls

You can achieve an illuminated center table, light and snowy for your table or your eve dinner. Full effects at lower cost!

Decoration trend for Christmas 2024

Christmas trends
Polar environment, multicoloured or traditional decoration? Find the main Christmas 2024 decoration trends for New Year celebrations.

How to decorate the windows ?

christmas crafts
Learn how to decorate your windows with repositionnable painting !

How to wrap a gift?

gift wrapping
Learn how to wrap a gift step by step with the help of our drawings and schemas! Follow the step by step video... Find all the information to do your gift packages.

Decorating your Christmas dishes

decorated plate
The art of inviting guests also involves the decoration of dishes to be cured.. How to decorate dishes.

Folding towels for Christmas

Napkins on a table
Discover the art of folding the towels to get a beautiful Christmas table ! Several folds are available, make one that best matches your decor!

Christmas Crafts

christmas crafts
Build your own Christmas crafts... an economical and fun idea to decorate your home! For example, you can follow step by step implementation of Christmas boots, or the making of a table centerpieces.