Create a Santa Cross Stitch

Santa Claus

You can make a Santa cross stitch and hook in a wall, or sewing on various media such as Christmas boots as a gift for Christmas, hang it on a christmas gift package ... All ideas are good!

Materials needed

- Aida Cloth,
- Skeins of embroidery floss,
- Embroidery needle (after rounding), but a traditional needle can do the trick.

Stages of building embroidery

The cross stitch is the easiest embroidery. Aida cloth is like a grid with squares: simply pass the thread diagonally, then iron the other diagonal.
The most difficult is to identify each well point from the model, we must often refer to it.

Photo of Santa Claus embroidery

Santa Claus

Here, the creation of Santa Claus Cross Stitch is not completely finished: the beard is to finish and fourure sleeves and legs is to achieve.