Decorate the Christmas table: Make an easy centerpiece

Centre de table

Center table to decorate and embellish his table for the holiday season. Often quite expensive, we suggest you make your own centerpiece using a few store-bought picks.

In our example, we make a table centerpiece decoration from Christmas pikes purchased commercially. These picks are already filled with Christmas decorations and cost about 1 euro spades. The ideal is to have several identical decoration to create a more generous. A good bouquet garni contain several elements of different colors, such as pine cones, gift packages, knots, flowers ...

Once you have the picks, you must create a base that will hold these spikes lined up on the table for your table. To hold them, we must be imaginative. Look around, there certainly are ordinary objects that will allow you to make this base!

Centre de table

Materials needed

To create this centerpiece, I used:
- 2 spears trimmed Christmas,
- Gold paper,
- Glue,
- A plastic bottle of mineral water,
- And a roll of toilet paper as a support!

Realization of the center table decoration

Centre de table

Put aside your spears Christmas. In the example, I used 2. We will make the base that will keep these picks. Cut the top off a bottle of water so that the cut is straight when you put it on a table. It must fit on the table. Stick with glue in a stick of gold foil around the base.
To hide the neck of the bottle of water, use a piece of toilet paper roll covered with gold paper. Then proceed with the pikes Christmas in the hole.

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