Making a centerpiece snow and illuminated

centre de table avec guirlande, pochoirs enneigé et boules

We suggest you make a table centerpiece with lighted garland and snow for your table or buffet ... full effects at lower cost!

Material needed

For your centerpiece you need:
- A clear vase, and preferably lying down
- Two-color pens window: one effect snow white and the other transparent - all artificial snow powder
- A garland electric batteries
- Some Christmas ornaments
- And possibly other elements such as stars, pieces of curling ribbon ...

The steps to make the center-piece

Decorate the outside of the vase

To decorate the outside of the vase, we'll mimic the decorations made with a stencil and a bomb to an artificial snow, but with the window-color technique has the advantage to peel off and reposition at will in all media. So your decorations will not be lost from one year to another ... and can be reused on the window, the glasses ... to unleash a new vase for your decorating ... nothing is lost!

To create the decorations, it must proceed in several steps (for further explanations, see our explanation on the window-color) detailed below.
- First, trace the patterns of selected Christmas (fir, ball, star, holly leaf ,...) with pen effect snowy white to mimic the effect of stencil designs
- Let dry 24 hours
- Use the transparent color pen to fill all empty spaces, but also in places like fragile tips. You can exceed your pen on the white color to be sure that both colors will be well connected.
- Once dry after 24 hours, carefully detach the stencil design effect and paste it on the vase.

The image below shows the 4 stages of decoration stencil effect.

étapes réalisation décors effet pochoir

Decorate the inside of the vase

Remove the artificial snow at the bottom of the vase, then spread evenly garland cell and bury the wire, leaving open the power button.

Have some balls of one color, or fully colored. You can even play completely on the sizes of the balls ... Then sprinkle your small parts like some red stars on the example.

Center-piece pictures

Here are photos of the table lit up the night, and what it looks like at daylight!

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