Decorate the tree

decorate the tree for Christmas

Brighten your Christmas tree with decorations of your own!
The fir is the indispensable element of home decorating for Christmas! She can hang a bunch of elements, they are different style: wacky, handmade oriental style, etc!
These small objects of decoration has much more value to your eyes and make the celebration even more joyous when these decorations were made by yourself!

decorate the tree for Christmas

Some ideas for fir decorations

Make small gift boxes to hang in the tree to surprise young and old ones...
Create small crystal balls in clear plastic that adorn inside and outside!
Conduct polystyrene balls and give free rein to your imagination to decorate the Christmas balls in a shower of glitter to pin! Glitter balls to illuminate the tree!

Amaze your friends by creating original things like stars, twisted balls. The choice is yours: glitter, silver or gold foil, or paint according to your creativity!

Which tree to choose ?

Several choices of fir are offered. First ask yourself this question: a natural or artificial tree? Artificial Christmas trees allow you to the resort each year, big advantage at budget. But neither sweet nor charm of natural Christmas trees are not at the coast.
Several species of natural trees exist, and it is not always easy to choose.
The best variety is dark green Nordmann, who keeps his hands very long once brilliant cut. No more chore of picking up the fallen needles on the ground on a daily basis ...
You can also select spruce, a species of classic Christmas tree, that smells nice but the disadvantage of losing its needles.
Finally, other varieties exist, and even natural fir tree effect flakes in the snow!

Go further in the tree decorating...

Gifts for Christmas fir

Small gift boxes to decorate the tree

To decorate your Christmas tree, you can hang all sorts of decorations. TooSurToo offers an original and DIY matter to make small gift boxes for hanging on the tree!
snow garland

Conduct a snowy wreath for your home

Make a snowy garland, white pattern with butterglies and polar bears. This garland can be wrapped around the banister...